Where ones and zeroes are crafted to something bigger

Patrick Borgogno

I am the creator of IT-Staff. I work for CM Informatik AG as a Software Engineer in C# .NET. In my spare time I switch between reading books, playing games, researching in IT-Security and of course working on Bloxx. My biggest achievements so far were the participation at Swiss Cyber Storm and European Cyber Security Challenge in 2015.

My career

I started as an apprentice in software development. After that I got the opportunity to take a glance in the SAP business, which was not what I was looking for. When I completed the obligatory swiss military I went back to my biggest passion: coding. I now work a 100% for CM Informatik AG as a software engineer and started studying at the "Höhere Fachschule" (compareable to a bachelor) beside that.

What I can do for you

Primarily I am working on my own projects. If you are living in switzerland, near Herisau, and need help or have something to do for me, drop me an E-Mail.


A voxel based RPG-Game inspired of Trove, CubeWorld, Minecraft and WoW.


The environment will be created with voxels. Retro feeling in 3D!


There will be different classes to play with, like an archer or a knight.


I am planning to implement playing with a controller.


There will be a part, which will be procedurally generated, so you always see something new.


If you want to get in touch with me, write me an E-Mail.